Shop-Vac 9631200 12-Gallon 4.5-Peak HP Detachable Blower Wet/Dry Vacuum

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Shop-Vac 9631200 12-Gallon 4.5-Peak HP Detachable Blower Wet/Dry Vacuum

Shop-Vac 9631200 12-Gallon 4.5-Peak HP Detachable Blower Wet/Dry Vacuum

good shop vad, BUT this is NOT a quiet vacuum – read that part as “FALSE A…”
Ok first the good since I think most people won’t care about the sound level:
It works well enough as both blower and vacuum.

It’s a shop vac. I don’t see anything about it to make it stand out above the crowd though.

If you just want a shop vac that matches the power rating and hose diameter with a drain, then it serves its purpose quite adequately.

Now for the one extra item I thought might make it a better choice for me:
From the “Product Description”

“eet; Operation Sound Level: Super Quiet; Hose Si”

See those 2 words?
“Super Quiet”?
It is not quiet at all.
Super quiet would be a whisper or at least a soft roar.
This is is not quieter than any other shop vac I have ever heard.

I bet some marketing goon thought that 0.001 decibel quieter counts as “super” quiet.
Personally I’m quite sick of this sort of BS, but I don’t think there is much that can be done about…
Multi Purpose Vaccum Cleaner
Easy to assemble.

I chose this Shop-Vac to perform multiple functions. It picks up cat and dog hair, cobwebs and other small debris in my garage and tool shed. Water can be sucked up which is important to me because I live in a 100 year flood plain. The 12 Gallon tank is a good capacity. The drain makes it easy to empty out the water, I can just drain it into one of my garden beds which are always thirsty. Although I rarely use a blower, it does come in handy from time to time.
The 18 ft. cord provides a wide range of activity.
Shop-Vac purchase
This model comes with a very small diameter hose which makes very difficult to pick up anything but very fine material. It clogs very easily and is difficult to un-clog which causes a lot of wasted time. Also, has a loud noise. Do not recommend.
Product Features

  • Accessories included: hose, extension wands, nozzles, and more
  • Onboard cord and accessory storage
  • Remove motor from top of vac to function as powerful yard blower
  • Extra-large tank drain
  • Backed by a three-year warranty

Product Descriptions
Description : 2911-6688 Features: -Ultra Blower vacuums are full feature wet/dry vacuums plus convenient hand held leaf blowers in one economical package.-Super quiet operation.-Tank drain.-Lock-on hose.-Blower feature.-Built-in portable leaf blower.-Onboard accessory storage.-18′ cord length. Includes: -Includes 1-1/4” x 7′ hose, two 1-1/4” extension wands, 10” combination nozzle, squeegee, blower nozzle, onboard tool storage, cartridge filter, and foam sleeve. Warranty: -3 year warranty.

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