Shark Cordless 14.4V Pet Perfect Hand Vac, SV70

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Shark Cordless 14.4V Pet Perfect Hand Vac, SV70

Shark Cordless 14.4V Pet Perfect Hand Vac, SV70

Works great!
Very strong suction, works great on pet hair on the couch. The charge doesn’t last long at all though. After vacuuming the couch, there was almost no power left in it.
Excelent “Dust Buster” style vacuum
I’ve owned this now for a little over 6 months, and we use it more than 5x daily. I have to say it is one of the single best small vacuums for small jobs. We have a litter box in one of our bathrooms and use it to keep the floor clean of stray litter. In additon we use it to pick up dry food scraps left behind by the cats. This unit remains charged at all times on the wall charger. I found it very useful to place a cheap coffee filter tightly against the factory filter so when it comes time to dump the waste, you can simply peal off the coffee filter and the factory one remains perfectly clear and not jammed with dust.

Considering we only use it for litter/stray food, the suction power is more then sufficient, and will often last 10+ days before needing to be emptied and having the coffee filter replaced. For those giving this a poor review, you need to remember it’s not a vacuum cleaner. It will not work wonders on carpet, although at times, I have used it to suck…
Battery Life Brings It Down
Like everyone else, I have problems with the battery life. I’ve owned this vac for approx. 3 years now. I bought it to clean dog hair from the couch and from car seats. It has decent suction and will take all the hair off the couch, however by the time I have cleaned the 3 cushion sofa..the battery is dead. It has been this way from the very beginning, so I’ve just lived with. I can clean the sofa once, or the stairs. Never both on the same charge. I’d say that on a full charge it is useful for about five minutes, max. Pretty disappointing in that regard.
Product Features

  • Detachable motorized brush removes pet hair and dirt
  • Twister Cyclonic technology means suction stays stronger longer
  • No replacement bags required
  • Easily detachable and washable filter
  • LED charging indicator

Product Descriptions
Description : Clean your home easily with this cordless hand vacuum that features Twister Cyclonic technology to maintain suction and a motorized brush to thoroughly remove pet hair from upholstery and ground-in dirt from carpet, car mats and seats. The convenient dust cup design means no replacement bags are needed and the filter is easily detached and washable. The LED indicator light alerts you when the vacuum needs to be charged. Includes motorized brush and crevice tool.

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