Carpet Sweeper

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Carpet Sweeper

Carpet Sweeper

Carpet Sweeper
“Great manual carpet sweeper that works really well for quick cleanup on low pile carpets or area rugs. Great for small cleanups and there are no batteries or cords. I was surprised how much it picked up from my rugs. It empties the dirt/fuzz easily out of a side door and has a see thru cover so you know when it is full. Overall it’s well built and it is “MADE in USA” which is GREAT.
Great Customer Support
I had some issues with this sweeper when I purchased it. The manufacturer responded immediately and in a very positive manner.
Purchasing a product made in the USA from a company with old fashioned values is very refreshing.
Am very pleased with their customer service, ethics and overall support.
Carpet Sweeper
This gem of a Carpet Sweeper allows me to clean my carpet without using a vacuum cleaner. I love it.Carpet Sweeper It is less expensive than a Hoky and is easier to dispose of the dirt it collects.
Product Features

  • Transparent Merlot color tinited housing
  • Revolving brush with two edge cleaning brushes
  • Side opening door to easily empty dirt into a waste container
  • Brush comb for keeping the revolving brush clean
  • Made in the USA with USA componnts.

Product Descriptions
Description : Who is Infunit Products ??? Infunit Products Inc. was founded in 1996 by one of the inventors of this carpet sweeper who worked as a Product Engineer for the Royal Appliance Company for over 12 years and currently has 51+ patents. The Royal Appliance Company was a great company that sold 100′s of thousands of these sweepers under the Dirt Devil (R) name with M060, M070, and M071 model numbers. It was a fantastic product that they decided to not to sell and scrap. I bought the tooling while still working there because I truly believed this product should live on. With their permission, using most of the original USA suppliers I kept the product alive. If you liked the original Royal Appliance Company Dirt Devil (R) sweeper you will like this one…it is updated to a Merlot colored transparent housing but still using the original high quality parts… it is a great product still made 100% in the USA. I would love to sell it for less but keeping hard working workers from the USA employed is more important to me.
It is a Carpet sweeper that is great for low pile carpets.
An ideal addition to dorm rooms, restaurants, offices, kitchens and anywhere a quick pick up is needed…without cords, batteries or electricity.
Built to last …Built to clean…Built in the USA

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