Bissell Proheat 2x Turbo Carpet Deep Pet Cleaner 9300-2

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Bissell Proheat 2x Turbo Carpet Deep Pet Cleaner 9300-2

Bissell Proheat 2x Turbo Carpet Deep Pet Cleaner 9300-2

Short-Lived Carpet Cleaner
I bought this originally from Costco…and after four shampoos, it stopped sucking up water. It did clean, but not perfect. Many of the stains that I tried to work on were still there after repeated cleaning and prepping beforehand. The attachments for sofa and carpeted stairs were a complete joke. They just left stains on my sofa, and didn’t have enough suction power to clean anything on the stains. I found a good spray of Oxyclean and rags pulled up more dirt that this machine. Renting a rug doctor carpet cleaner still seams like a better way to go…bigger water tank and more powerful suction. I paid $200.00 plus tax and got four uses out of it. If the machine broke after let’s say 24 uses, then maybe I wouldn’t feel so ripped off. I know these machines aren’t great to begin with, and not made to last (all parts are plastic), but throwing this into the landfills after barely any use is pretty terrible. Rug Doctor here I come!
Makes my carpets look great!
The pro-heat two is easy to use and really makes the carpets look great. Its brushes bring up the nap to revitalize carpeting. To do my rather small house takes several water refills and emptying of the used water. I’ve had the pro-heat for over two years and have had to replace a few parts, but they are easy to find and order at
Poor design – unintuitive, not user friendly
We’ve owned this for a while now (only been used 2 times prior), and this was my first time using the machine. I’ve just spent 2 hours trying to clean an approximately 13′x13′ area – it is practically impossible to operate it without a manual.

There are two tanks – one with a bladder that is part of a two piece assembly that needs to be taken apart, to be filled with water; and another for a detergent/shampoo solution. The dirty water that is the result of the cleaning is deposited in the same tank as the water bladder, just on the outside of the bladder. You are supposed to pull the trigger (non-tactile) on the handle to generate a spray (which you can’t see) – there is no way that one can tell how much detergent or water is deposited with each pull of the trigger, other than actually walking over the area one just cleaned to feel how wet the carpet is.

The sprayer apparently stopped working after I had to refill the water tank, or worked poorly, as the…
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